How Society Lingerie Started

How Society Lingerie Started

I have been a boudoir and wedding photographer for over 10 years now! As of October 2021, I am the owner of a lingerie boutique in Lethbridge!

Since I moved back to Lethbridge in 2017, knowing that this is where we will be for the long term, I really focused on marketing my boudoir photography in Lethbridge.  I wanted to give my clients the best experience, and give them a guide of what to expect for their boudoir session.  I created a boudoir guide with ideas of how to prepare your body and mind for the session, shopping hints and more... but I hated that locally we didn't have many options for lingerie stores.  I was forced to refer my clients to buy online and chance that their pieces may not arrive in time, or cost WAY MORE than expected because of duty charges and taxes.

Enter, my idea to sell lingerie.  

EXCEPT... I had NO f**king clue what I was doing.  At first my plan was to do an e-commerce platform, and have pop-up shopping events. I googled "buy wholesale lingerie" and less than stellar websites popped up. I knew we could do it, but the HOW TO do it was the big question mark for me.  

I, like many, am in a lot of Facebook Groups that relate to my business and saw a boss babe post about their 5 day training of how to launch a retail component to their existing experience based business.  I watched, and I was HOOKED.  

I started a program with two incredible mentors in Michigan who are successful boss babes and I am learning everything I can from them.  I looked at spaces online that night, and found my current space with the big west facing windows.  Not only did the space need to be my lingerie boutique, it also needed to be my photography studio.  Finding a space that ticked all the boxes was much easier Pinterested than done.  

Spring and summer of 2021 sped by with weddings, and managing life as a mom and business owner, and now planning, building and launching a new business.

I spent hours and hours looking at and researching brands and designers, searching for brands and pieces that would serve Lethbridge well, and serve my boudoir clients well. 

I know that Society Lingerie will grow and evolve over time, the brands I start with may not be the brands that stay forever.  But I am so proud and happy of what I planned, envisioned and worked towards.  I am so grateful for the support from my partner, my family and friends and all the work that went into this boutique and studio of mine.  

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