Collection: Cares Leakproof Panties

The search is over, perfected leakproof underwear that won't let you down. They are amazing for menstruation, bladder leaks, and postpartum! 

At Cares, they go against what’s expected of us and they never take the easy way out. Cares prioritizes safe materials that are sustainably sourced and make reliable leakproof undies that are a dream to wear. So you can feel just as good in them as you do about them. 

Cares are made with proprietary bamboo fabric that feels so luxurious you’ll never want to take them off. The breathable, four-way stretch fabric moves with your body while maintaining its shape, even after 12 hours. Plus, Cares undies are made to be washed over 100 times, giving you up to four years of reusable wear with each pair.

Oh, and did we mention that we don’t believe you need to have harmful chemicals in your undies to make them leakproof? Cares are certified PFAS-free* (as they should be) to keep you dry without harming you or the planet.

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