Collection: Kilo Brava

Society Lingerie in Lethbridge, Canada, is proud to carry Kilo Brava. 
Kilo Brava offers attainable luxury for the modern woman while providing versatility by blurring the lines between intimate apparel and ready-to-wear.

All about comfort, sensuality, and the exquisitely feminine, Kilo Brava is designed for the woman who knows her worth and loves gifting herself with special pieces. 

In intimates and loungewear, the shift toward spending more time at home and a "quality over quantity mindset" drives the need for cozy but stylish cross-over pieces. Women need items that are versatile, taking them from a day of working from home, at the office, and maybe to an event in the evening.

Much of the collections are made to mix and match for this reason and even the bras are made to peek out from a camisole or blazer. With a launch including an expanded size range up to XXXL (size 24) on all styles, our goal is to become more size-inclusive in the future.

Designed & developed in the USA

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