About the Brand: Amour Caché

Amour Caché is French for “hidden love” signifying the little details hidden throughout our design-focused lingerie.

The brand was started by Agnes and Deean, two best friends and entrepreneurs who shared the challenge of finding the perfect bra with the perfect fit. As it turned out, many other women they encountered did as well.

When Agnes discovered she had breast lumps, it reminded the girls how ever-changing a woman’s body is. They began attending lingerie classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City and turned their passion for lingerie design into a business. Amour Caché's first bra was a sexy, luxurious pocketed bra made of Leavers lace that worked for breast cancer survivors, as well as non-survivors, creating product diversity that they felt the lingerie industry lacked. 

Today, the girls continue to run their business with a personal touch, sourcing and designing each piece themselves and meticulously sampling each design. Each Amour Caché style undergoes 15 rounds of sampling and fittings with models of different shapes and sizes to make sure design and fit are not compromised. 

To Agnes and Deean, Amour Caché is a brand that prioritizes comfort, design, versatility, and support for all experiences; a brand they hope will support you throughout all your walks of life.