Photographer Discounts

Introducing the Lingerie Lover Program, tailored specifically for boudoir photographers and their cherished clients.

At Society Lingerie, we understand the importance of creating intimate and empowering moments through photography. As a token of our appreciation for the artistry that boudoir photographers bring to their work, we're thrilled to extend an exclusive discount code for your clients. As part of this program, photographers will receive a personalized code that their clients can use to enjoy a special discount on our expertly curated selection of lingerie.

This initiative is not just about offering discounts; it's about fostering a community of passionate photographers who strive to capture the essence of sensuality. By joining our Lingerie Lover's Program, photographers become part of a network that appreciates and supports their creative endeavours. This collaboration not only provides a valuable benefit for their clients but also elevates the photographer's brand by associating it with the quality and sophistication that defines our lingerie collection. Join us in celebrating the art of boudoir photography and indulge your clients in an intimate experience like no other. Together, let's create memories that last a lifetime. 📷💕

Contact us with your name, business name, email, and where you're from and we will be in touch with your discount code to share with clients or use for your client closet!

Orders ship from our beautiful boutique in Lethbridge, AB. 

Boudoir Photogs - drop your details below!

Lingerie Lover Program

Is this program free?

YES! This is all a benefit for you, no catch!

No fee, just a discount code for you to use for your client closet or to share with clients!

How soon will I get my code?

You will receive your code in 1-2 business days. If you have not received your code by email, please reach out to us.

How does the code work?

You will receive a code in your email, and this can be shared with your clients when they book! Or you can use it if you offer a client closet for your boudoir clients.

We recommend putting this code with a link to Society Lingerie in your boudoir guide or in your email you send to clients when they book.

If you have highlights on your stories for where to shop, we would love to be considered for that too! Just tag @societylingerie

What about shipping?

We offer free shipping thresholds!

Canadian Shipping: Free Shipping for orders over $100 or $12 shipping
USA Shipping: Free Shipping for orders over $150 or $18 shipping
Rest of World Shipping: Free Shipping for orders over $200 or $20 shipping

Do you do returns?

All items are afinal sale, mostly due to the intimate nature of the products.
If you received the wrong item, or it is defective, please contact us.

What about fit?

Each product has a size guide attached.
If you have more questions, please contact us with your measurements and typical clothing sizes so we can make sizing recommendations.

If you would prefer, you can email your information.